10 tips to help your child improve their reading

10 tips to help your child improve their reading

I’ll be very honest, Jayme is not academically inclined. He is extra creative, much more than your average 7 year old but unfortunately academics and sport is not his thing. It’s ok tho because he keeps trying and we keep encouraging.

Jayme is now grade 2 and his amazing teacher, Mrs K, has shared some fabulous tips to help parents help their children with their reading. Here they are:

  1. Make sure there is no other distractions.
  2. Have them look at the pictures first and predict what will happen. Discuss the book/pictures before reading takes place.
  3. Make a list of difficult words that are in the reader. Paste it on the wall and challenge them to say these words through the day. Perhaps consider a reward or points system for getting the words right.
  4. If they are given vocabulary sheets with their school reading books, read them over and over before reading the book. If not, make a list of the vocabulary and practice the list before reading the book.
  5. Take turns to read, show them the correct way to use their voice when reading. Make sure they understand what they read.
  6. If your child is only able to read one or two pages don’t force them to read the whole book in one day.
  7. When they struggle with words, sound it out and clap it out into parts.
  8. If they get stuck, first wait and see if they can correct themselves. Don’t jump in immediately! If they still struggle then say the word to them and have them repeat it.
  9. Make sure your child’s anxiety level is low. They should feel excited about reading. Stay calm, be supportive and have patience. Build confidence by giving positive remarks.
  10. READ TO YOUR CHILD! Read easy books that are on a lower age level just to build that initial confidence.

Jayme reading has improved greatly since last year because we keep practicing. We let him read to his sister if I need to get something done and we take turns doing bedtime stories. The last piece of advice I can give is to never give up! I’ve had days where I was in tears thinking my child will never read, never be able to say the sight words and I’ve had nightmares because of all of it, but today he gets excited about reading. He still struggles but he knows I will be his biggest cheerleader!

2 thoughts on “10 tips to help your child improve their reading

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these tips! I hope it can help, like you said don’t give up and keep encouraging your child. I’m very fortunate to teach creative souls like your son. At the end of the day the difference can be seen when the parent sits and makes the time to so the small things like reading with their child a priority.

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