Benefits of pop it fidget toy

Benefits of pop it fidget toy

I didn’t get the intrigue of these pop it toys. Until my kids got a set and I saw first hand how they enjoyed something so simple. I saw how playing with it unconsciously while doing another activity helped them focus. My mind was blown.

Julie Schweitzer is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at UC Davis Mind institute and did research on the impact fidget devices might have on easing anxiety and increase focus. She found that fidgeting improved cognitive function in children with ADHD. She theorizes that hyperactivity is actually an unconscious coping mechanism. I have seen this in my own house hold. My husband will shake his leg while he is concentrating or my son will lick his lips. Small acts of fidgeting, but it helps them focus.

Fidget spinners were popular in 2017/2018 and was labelled a distraction in schools but I believe we missed a key opportunity to harness these toys in a constructive way. Pop its are toys that were designed as a sensory toy similar to bubble wrap. It is usually made from soft silicone that can easily be cleaned and used over and over again. There are several benefits for kids

1. Increased Focus and Concentration

I have seen first hand how my son concentrates on homework better while his hand is on his pop it. As he pops those bubbles and talks himself through the answers he is able to focus better than when he does have it. It gives his hands something to do while his mind focuses on the task he is busy with.

2. Good stress reliever and calms anxious behavior

The sound and feeling of popping bubbles have an incredible calming effect I’ve experienced first hand. It provides an outlet for energy when kids are feeling overwhelmed

3. Multifunctional toy

These pop its are easy to take anywhere and can be used for other activities too. We have used them to bake with, make chocolate logs, throw as frisbees and use as a tracing tool.

All in all these make great toys for kids, they are easy to clean. You can pop it into the dishwasher if they get dirty or clean with a little soup and water. Kids can do the cleaning themselves giving them another use.

Have a look at Kid2kids if you would like to purchase any of these.

Do your kids have pop its?

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