Child’s Farm Review

Child’s Farm Review

This product has impressed me so much over the past few weeks, Jaymes hair, skin and my nose have been doing a happy dance in unison. Why my nose? Because I have never smelled a product so fresh, light and just beautiful. I am generally sensitive to smells and I am easily triggered into a migraine but none of the child farm products have caused any issues. The smell is so good that I’ve gone as far as leaving the bath water in till the next day so I can walk into the fresh smell in the morning. Honestly tho, the first time I did this was an accident because #momlife. What a fabulous accident tho, walking into that auroma the next day was just as amazing as it was when I was running the bath initially.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to meet Joanna Jensen, the founder & CEO of Childs Farm Ltd. What a pleasure it was to meet her. She is a mom herself and Childs farm was created initially for her children. She always had a passion for natural and homeopathic medicines and when her daughter Bella suffered from very sensitive, eczema prone skin she created products that her daughter could use. She named her products Childs Farm after the farm she grew up on as a child and the pictures on the bottle are her kids and the animals on the farm. It was amazing to hear her talking about the products, she speaks as a proud mother that is watching and helping another one of her children grow, expend and become better.

Some facts about Childs farm products:

  • Suitable for newborn and upwards
  • Safe and suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • Dermatologist and pediatrician approved
  • Contain naturally derived ingredients but not organic
  • Suitable for vegans except the detangling spray which contains honey.
  • None of the ingredients or finished products are tested on animals
  • The only difference between the baby moisturizer and the moisturiser is the fragrance.

What do we think?

When Jayme and I first open the products we were immediately blown away by how amazing the smell of each product was, aside from the baby products which has no fragrance. He enjoyed looking and making up a little story about each one of the bottles. His very active imagination took us on a bit of journey with each product. We are currently reading the magic key series so we were off to an adventure thanks to the exciting packing of the products.

I decided that we would let Jayme and Alex do a bath together to test if the products were indeed suitable for all ages. They both enjoyed how much bubbles was created from the bubble bath and they completely enjoyed their first bath together.

I took Alex out and gave her a rub down with the baby moisturizer. The product is proper fragrance free and massages into her skin so well. She loves a good rub down after a bath and the Childs farm baby moisturizer absorbed into her skin well. It comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to use with one hand.

Jayme has been washing himself and his hair lately and we love that it is so easy for him to use one bottle for his body and hair. The best for me is that all the product easily rinsed out of his hair. His hair has been ALOT softer than usual since using the Childs farm hair and body wash and it smells DIVINE!

We are sold by this product and will definitely be buying it again to continue using at home.

Where can you find the products?

  • Clicks
  • Baby city

Childs farm will be releasing an exciting product later this year specifically designed for our South African market later this year, so keep your eyes open.

Have you tried any of these products yet? Let me know in the comments

3 thoughts on “Child’s Farm Review

  1. This product has me so excited! My kids all have super sensitive skin (thanks to their mom!) and we’re constantly looking for something that my kids’ skins won’t get used to after a few weeks. But I’ve just heard such great things from them.

  2. I have not tried the product yet but the recent hype around these products makes me definitely want to go out and get them.

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