Ellips Hair Treatments

Ellips Hair Treatments

Ellips Hair Treatments are natural hair oils and vitamins from Indonesia which are enriched with Argan oil to provide strength, vitality and nourishment to a range of hair types.

The range includes five variants of the capsules to suit a wide variety of hair types; a leave-in conditioner Milkshake; Hair Masks which only take two minutes to work; an Ultra Treatment for ageing hair as well as a Cuticle Serum.

All products are cruelty-free and use gelatine-based biodegradable capsules to ensure that they remain environmentally friendly at all times.

The most popular in the range are the hair treatment capsules which are available in five variants. All treatments are formulated with Argan oil and contain Pro-Vitamin B5 along with Vitamins A and E – guaranteeing that hair remains nourished from within, whilst Argan oil helps combat frizz and strengthen hair.

Pink Hair Repair

Designed to provide intensive moisture to hair that has been damaged from excessive heat styling. Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil deliver rapid repair action to transform dry and damaged hair into smooth, shiny locks. Available in a 12 capsule pack (R89), 50 capsule jar (R333) and Hair Mask (R132).  

Yellow Smooth & Silky

A light and nourishing treatment that is ideal to help treat fine hair without weighing it down. The treatment includes Aloe Vera to keep hair moisturised and protected from the sun. Available in a 12 capsule pack (R89), 50 capsule jar (R333) and Hair Mask (R132).  

Orange Hair Vitality

Formulated to restore strength and vitality to hair that has become dry and brittle . The replenishing properties of Ginseng and Honey help prevent breakages and actively reinforce the hair structure. Available in a 12 capsule pack (R89) and 50 capsule jar (R333).

Purple Nutri Colour

A treatment infused with conditioning ingredients to help care for highlighted and coloured hair. Hair remains healthy, shiny and full of life through a unique combination of vitamins, amino acids and other active ingredients. These provide protection from the sun as well as other environmental aggressors that cause colour to fade over time. Available in a 12 capsule pack (R89) and 50 capsule jar (R333).

Silky Black

Specifically targeted to address the needs of very thick or dark hair. Shine is greatly enhanced and hair is made soft and manageable through the combined use of Candlenut Oil and Aloe Vera. This includes a natural form of sun protection for the hair. Available in a 12 capsule pack (R89), 50 capsule jar (R333) and Hair Mask (R132).  The ellips Hair Masks provide specialised and targeted hair care in the form of an intensive treatment that fuses natural oils with the efficiency of an advanced Pro-Keratin Complex. The masks deliver immediate results and only need to be left on the hair for two minutes – great for a gal on the go! Available in three variants: Yellow Smooth & Shiny, Shiny Black and Pink Hair Repair. 

Yellow Smooth & Silky

The Yellow Hair Mask combines a Pro- Keratin complex and Aloe Vera Oil to keep hair strong and maintain a naturally smooth and silky texture. Retails for R132.

Silky Black

The Black Hair Mask is enriched with a Pro-Keratin Complex, Aloe Vera oil and Candlenut Oil to help healthy hair maintain a smooth and silky texture, whilst offering additional UV protection. Retails for R132. 

Pink Hair Repair

The Pink Hair Mask offers rescue to hair that has been damaged from excessive heat styling through an ultra-moisturising boost of Jojoba Oil, which is then combined with the benefits of a Pro-Keratin complex to nourish, smooth and strengthen hair. Retails for R132. 

Other products in the range include a leave-in conditioning Milkshake which is great for children – it detangles, nourishes and helps parents avoid tears on hair day. The Ultra-Treatment is designed to fight the signs of ageing hair while the Cuticle Serum is ideal for hair that is thin, fine and prone to dryness.

Leave-in Milkshake Conditioner

The ellips Milkshake leave-in conditioner contains both Milk and Wheat Protein, along with Pro-Vitamin B5, and offers a range of benefits to nourish and treat damaged hair. Suitable for use on children, it’s the ideal way to avoid tears in the bath or to use after swimming to make sure that hair is gently detangled and remains tangle-free! Retails for R132. 

Ultra Treatment

The ellips Ultra Treatment fights signs of hair ageing with a powerful array of ingredients including Everlasting Flower Oil, Green Tea Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, A and E. This unique combination of oils provides dull, brittle and dry hair with a much needed dose of nutrition and ensures hair is transformed into healthy, manageable locks. Retails for R168. 

Cuticle Serum

The ellips Cuticle Serum is the perfect solution for hair that may be thin, fine and prone to dryness. Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, the lightweight formulation nourishes and protects hair, effectively coating strands right to the roots without weighing hair down. Retails for R63. 

How to use ellips hair treatments:

1. Use after shampooing on lightly towel dried hair.

2. Open the biodegradable capsule and spread the hair treatment evenly on your palms.

3. Evenly distribute through your hair.

4. Leave to dry, do not rinse off. Style as normal.

All products are available online at www.ellipshair.co.za as well as Takealot.com. To keep up to date with ellips, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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