Hirsch’s Somerset West Ladies Networking Event

Hirsch’s Somerset West Ladies Networking Event

On Valentines day I attended a wonderful ladies Networking event organised by Richard Larrett who is the Public Relations Officer for Hirsh’s Somerset West. The guest speaker for the event was Christina Masureik or @capetownmomchristina on instagram.

We walked into the Hirsh’s store and a lovely lady was serving delicious cappuccino’s to all the guests, once everyone was settled we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the group and highlight what we do. The careers represented by the group varied from nail technicians to consultants to fitness instructors.

Christina was such a pleasure to listen to. Her american accent which swings south african every now and then is captivating and her story is even more amazing. She managed to turn a life of challenges into one of hope, possibility and triumph. She stressed that happiness is in your own hands and that you are in control of the way you choose to see things. Having an attitude of gratitude could change everything. I completely agree with her!

The talk centered around having a strategy. After sharing her story she broke down how to have a strategy for marketing that can positively effect your business no matter what business. A few ladies asked questions and Christina graciously shared her trade secrets on how she managed to get her companies to be successful. It was amazing to see how someone who has achieved so much is equally as willing to share what she has learnt. Another key point which Christina made was that time is valuable and important, we need to identify where we can invest our time where it will be the most valuable.

At the end of Christina’s presentation i felt empowered. Ready to take on 2019 and ready to improve my strategy to reach my personal and professional goals. One thing i will always remember which she said was “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”. I needed to hear that! I often make myself overly available because I have the skill set but it is not always worth the time and effort I put in.

Richard and Hirsh’s organised wonderful snacks for the ladies after the meeting with time to socialize and get to know one another. I unfortunetly did not stay for snacks but it looked super yummy.

I will definitely be attending these networking events at Hirsh’s in future. Any opportunity to learn is a valuable investment for my time. If you would like to attend future events you can get hold of Richard on richard.l@hirschs.co.za

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