Leap of Faith Life Lessons

Leap of Faith Life Lessons

One of the most important lesson’s I’ve learnt on this, let’s call it, leap of faith journey is that every interaction is an opportunity.

Fancy business corporates call it networking, I love to think of it as sowing a seed. Whether you are going to dinner with friends and meet someone new in their crowd or if you are going to a workshop. I believe that every person you meet has the potential to add value to your life, indirectly or not.

My tips:

Walk into a room like you’ve been there before. It radiates from you when you don’t shy away from a new space. I know this isn’t an easy thing to do but sometimes we must put on an act and eventually it becomes part of who you are.

Make sure you leave a good impression. This doesn’t mean you need to bring out the theatrics to impress anyone. It’s amazing how simply being yourself can go a long way.

Always be gracious and polite. Greet people, introduce yourself and show interest in someone else’s story. This seems so simple but we often get in our own heads. If you are feeling worried about the impression you are making, someone else probably is too, you can use that to your advantage to make the next person feel good about themselves by simply being invested in them.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or find opportunities. The world needs problem solvers and if you have an idea which might make the load lighter for someone else, shoot your shot and don’t be afraid to charge for it. The worst anyone can say is no, don’t take it personally, thats life and it’s ok. Keep moving.

Leap of faith continues

I can see how this road seems like everything has happened in a short space of time and I want to assure you that it truly has been a journey. It could have started 5 years ago when I started my blog, started writing and putting words down on the internet. Or it could have started 11 years ago when I got my first camera and taught myself photography. Since then I’ve poured myself and my time into learning, growing and connecting. Every opportunity that has come my way is more often that not relationships I’ve built along the way. I cannot tell you how utterly essential it is to be professional and show up for yourself!

One last tip

If you want something, don’t over think it. Jump right in. And I don’t mean quit your job and run for the hills. I mean take a step, start watching youtube tutorials and start practicing. Ever minute you put into building your craft, whatever it is, will pay off. Adopt the mindset of being a life long learner. You will be surprised with just how powerful that is.

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