Meet Hunadi

Meet Hunadi

Hunadi is SA’s first multi-lingual African speaking doll hits shelves just in time for Christmas. The little doll with big hair and even bigger dreams speaks in 4 of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

When Hunadi first arrived at our home she surprised us all. We didn’t expect her to be as big as she is. Her beautiful Schwe-Schwe dress and funky Afro hair caught our attention immediately. It is refreshing to see a doll that caters to our South African audience. Alex couldn’t take her eyes off the print on her dress and tried grabbing for her beads every chance she got. She wears beads around her hands and neck and has the cutest removable leather shoes that match her outfit. Her dream of becoming a fashion designer seems like a good choice.

At Hunadi tells her story in 4 languages. Alex sat watching with her mouth handing open listening to Hunadi tell her story. Each time you press her tummy she tells her story in another one of her four languages. Jayme has shown an interest lately in African languages since being exposed to it this year at school and tried to imitate Hunadi as she spoke. I love that the potential is there for them to pick up something from the other four languages.

Hunadi comes dressed in traditional pink Scwhe Schwe clothing. She wears locally hand-made leather shoes and accessories while her packaging unfolds into a dollhouse. Building and discovering a home together with Hunadi, girls will be playing out their own special stories of family, friends and dreams.

“I remember growing up, my doll Lucy went everywhere with me, from the jungle gyming the park, to braai’s with the neighbours. A doll is a little girl’s bestfriend and confidant. It has always been my dream to make sure every little girl can have a doll that they can associate themselves with,” said Stacey Rethman, Afro Girl Founder.

Stacey believes that there is a strong link between languages and one’s sense of belonging and she hopes that Hunadi will be an enabler for inclusivity across South Africa.

AfroGirl’s objective is to inspire children’s lives through story-telling and the celebration of African uniqueness. Hunadi tells her story in English, SeSotho, IsiXhosa & IsiZulu. According to Jim Cummins from the University of Toronto, research has shown that learning to speak in a mother tongue has a very important role in children’s overall development. Children who speak more languages are often more flexible in their thinking.

“AfroGirl is great! It has the potential to expose our children to different languages from a very young age. I love that my daughter is able to play with a doll she can identify with and even shares similar facial features too. I have no doubt Hunadi will add to the diversity of what’s in the current market.” –Babalwa Makuluma, Mind the Change Business Director and Mother.

Hunadi is the first in the Afro Girl range is based on a little girl from Limpopo. A portion of the sales of the doll will go to a NPO close to Afro Girl’s heart in an aim to assist with grassroots upliftment in education.

Hunadiis sold via and and retails for R850.00. Free Delivery, South Africa Only. For any queries,suggestions and feedback email

In collaboration with AfroGirl we will be giving three lucky ladies there own Hunadi Doll. You can enter three different ways.

  1. Tell us why you would love to win Hunadi in thecomment section below.
  2. Head to NadineSmallbergBlog on Instagram here
  3. Head to Smallberg Party of Four on facebook here

Let me know what you think of Hunadi, she will make a great Christmas gift.

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  1. Oh my gosh we would LOVE the opportunity to add this beautiful little girl to our family ??? With 2 curious and princesses and another surprise on the way, Hunadi would be perfect! We would all be ever grateful ❤❤

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