Moooka Hands-Free Silicone Breast Pump

Moooka Hands-Free Silicone Breast Pump

When preparing for a new baby one of the biggest concerns for any mom is how they will feed their new little baby. Breastfeeding comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. We struggle with so many issues and sometimes it is easier to give your baby milk in a bottle. Some moms have to return to work a few months after having a new baby and are then stressed out about building a ‘stash’ to keep baby going.

Disclaimer: You might see boobs. This is not a sponsored post, i bought my Moooka pump.

This was all concerns for me. I knew I wanted to breastfeed for as long as I could but I knew returning to work would have challenges. This lead me to researching how I could build up a stash ahead of time to carry my baby through a few months at least once I returned to work, that’s how I stumbled upon the Moooka Silicone pump. Initially, I searched for something that could catch the milk that leaks from the opposite breast while baby is drinking. A few options came up but I could justify the ridiculous cost of some of these items just to catch a few drops of milk. On further reading someone suggested getting a silicone pump. I couldn’t believe that something that can catch milk and pump could be so affordable. Without a second thought I ordered one.

What makes this pump so different?

Its hands free. It attaches to your breast and you immediately see the milk start pumping out. No need to squeeze or pull.

Its completely silent. You can pump while your newborn sleeps and no need to worry about that infamous pumping sound.

Its affordable. You can buy it directly from Moooka or Takealot or Kids emporium.

Its portable. It is only one piece and allows you to pump anywhere, anytime.

It catches the let down. Most times when you feed baby, the other side leaks as well. I attach my Moooka to my opposite side and it catches all the let down and keeps pumping which produces extra milk.

How to use the Moooka.

I have honestly loved using the Moooka Pump and I intend on buying it for every baby shower I ever get invited to because it has helped me so so much.

If you have tried it let me know in the comments.

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