Munchkin WildLove Miracle® Cup

Munchkin WildLove Miracle® Cup

Munchkin is on a mission this World Wildlife Day to spread awareness, teach children empathy and respect for animals at a time when more than one million species are threatened with extinction. Inspired by the important work these organizations are doing, Munchkin is making a substantial donation to both the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and The Whale Sanctuary Project. They are doing this with their WildLove Miracle®  360 cup available at leading baby retailers.

The Wild Love cups include child-friendly stories and key facts about at-risk animals, including the polar bear, the red fox and the orca, to help raise awareness about the issues impacting these species, their habitats, and the conservation challenges they face. In accordance with Munchkin’s goal to reduce the environmental impact of its products, the special packaging for the Wild Love cups is made of 100% recycled and recyclable material.

Protecting the Planet for Future Generations, One Cup at a Time

The Wild Love cups highlight the conservation challenges that critical animal species face, including:

  • The polar bear: The Munchkin Polar Bear cup raises awareness of the threats to polar bears including shrinking sea ice caused by catastrophic climate change.
  • The red fox: The Munchkin Red Fox cup aims to end the cruel practice of fox fur farming by encouraging awareness among families and avoidance of purchasing any fur or fur-trimmed products.
  • The orca: The Munchkin Orca cup supports the end of orca captivity for human entertainment and brings awareness to the thousands of whales killed each year due to entanglement in fishing nets.

Munchkin has released a set of Sippy cups & Trainer in all 3 designs.

Whether it’s a small moment at the dinner table, or a wonder-filled nature walk outside, Munchkin’s Wild Love Miracle® Cups hope to inspire family conversations about the importance of protecting the planet, its wildlife, and feed children’s untamed imaginations about the world beyond their back yard. This new product line brings to life Munchkin’s commitment to partnering with integral animal conservation organizations and ensuring a sustainable future for our children.

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