Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo Review

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo Review

Purity & Elizabeth Anne is a household name for us and many other people I know. We first used the range 7 years ago when Jayme was a baby, we were gifted many of the products for my baby shower. When Alex was born we used the baby petroleum jelly from Purity & Elizabeth Anne because the smell and feel of it was the best out of all of the ones we tried. We never had any issues with nappy rash and I think a big part is because of this excellent product.

For the past two weeks we have been testing out Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s mild and gentle range products that have been sent to us by RubyBox and we have not been disappointed.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Purity and Elizabeth Anne has expertly developed a range of products which are dermatologist and paediatrician approved. The range is mild and gentle on your baby while cleaning, softening and protecting babies’ skin and hair.

I discovered through receiving their goodies that the range stretches a lot further than baby powders, wash and petroleum jelly. It also includes a full laundry range and a mom care range for during pregnancy and after.

The stand out product for us was the new special baby shampoo. Alex generally has hair that gets oily very quickly but this shampoo has not caused her hair to do this. Her hair has also been extremely soft and smells divine. The normal retail price for the Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s baby shampoo is only R69,99 for a 500ml which is a bargain for such a good quality shampoo.

Have you tried this range before and do you have a favourite product? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo Review

  1. This was the only brand I used with most of my kids, and the shampoo is totally my favourite. The smell is exactly what babies should smell like!

  2. I thouggt Elizabeth’s Ann Baby shampoo had no alcihol.
    I use Elizabeth Ann baby shampoo to wash my face & body for many years. It is also good to use for bedridden people to keep skin soft. To prevent bed sores. Just sad it has almost doubled vled in price!!

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