The Crazy Store Birthday Gift Guide

The Crazy Store Birthday Gift Guide

July is a special month, The Crazy Store turns 23 this month and what’s a birthday without a celebration of sorts?

To mark this momentous occasion, The Crazy Store is pulling out all the stops and cutting prices across several departments and giving one customer R50 000 in cash. So, if you missed a birthday celebration during lockdown, now’s the time to make up for it!


Fashion Doll, 29cm, with accessories – R69.99 each (361-003216)


Racer, 25cm, Radio-Controlled – R99.99 each (265-000198)

Train Set, battery-operated – R99.99 (265-006905)


Boxing Set with 1 punching bag and 1 pair of gloves – R99.99 each (466-000802)

Unicorn tea set, 9-piece – R89.99 (365-000019)


Robot, Battery operated – R99.99 (265-000321)


Wooden Distressed Photo frame, 20 x 25cm – R69.99 (031-007013)


Mermaid Doll with Flashing Tail. 18cm – R39.99 each (361-000130)


Doctor play sets (8-piece) – R29.99 each (365-000011)


Friction helicopter, 19cm – R49.99 each (263-000624)


Hawaiian Grass Skirt (assorted colours) – R29.99 each (366-002702)

Hero Cape & Eye Mask sets (2-Piece; Assorted) – R49.99 each (366-000156,8)


Squeeze Me animals (assorted) – R19.99 each (560-000040, 565-000150)


Slime in a can (4.5cm) – R9.99 each (565-000158)

Mini doll in eggs with accessories (7.5cm, assorted) – R19.99 each (361-000018)



9-litre plastic bucket (assorted colours) R12.99 each (107-004105)


Lint remover, 40 sheets – R16.99 each (036-000010)


Zipper sandwich bags, 35-piece, 16 x 14cm – R19.99 (200-000010)



Metallic earphones with zipper cord – R39.99 each (004-078994)


LED Torch with magnet (assorted) – R19.99 each (048-000861)

Have you ever tried to spoil someone and not spend more than R100? How about not going over a budget of R50 or even R20? Impossible, right?


With The Crazy Store, celebrating on a shoestring and making someone feel special is as easy as, well, singing Happy Birthday and blowing out a few candles.

For R100, boys and girls are in for a treat as they’ll be able to unwrap Make-Up Gift Sets, and Fashion Dolls, or Motorised Racing Cars and Battery-operated Robots. You can also treat mom to beautiful photo frames available in various sizes.

You wouldn’t believe it without seeing it: Mermaid dolls, Hawaiian Grass Skirts, Building Blocks and even Doctor Playsets for under R50 each. Consider getting dad a pair of earphones for under R50 too.

With your R20 note you can snap up Slime-in-a-can, Squeeze Me toys or even beautiful gift bags to pop your presents in. The Crazy Store also has a wide selection of household items under R20 so if you’re looking to stock up on buckets or even Lint remover rollers, The Crazy Store’s birthday is the time to do it.

This year to ensure the birthday celebrations last longer, you can stand a chance to win a WHOPPING R50 000 in cash by simple spending R100 or more. Just complete the entry form available in store at the till-point, and you’ll be in the running.

The Crazy Store has branches nationwide to cater for convenience and ease of shopping. Pop in, you never know what you might find!

To join The Crazy Store community and to keep up to date with the latest promotions, visit, follow @TheCrazyStoreSA on Instagram, Facebook and @TheCrazyStore on Twitter.

*Prices are subject to change.

*Prices are valid for the duration of the Birthday promotion running from 24 July – 23 August 2020, while stocks last.

*The Crazy Store encourages safe Covid-19 protocol and urges all customers to wear their masks, sanitise their hands and follow WHO best practice measures.

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