Toy Review: Snap Ships + Giveaway

Toy Review: Snap Ships + Giveaway

The excitement when this toy was revealed was real! Snaps Ships are a brand new range of toys created specifically for boys 8 and up to build different crafts for action play.

In the box is a set of step-by-step instructions for multiple builds in addition to the pieces needed for the build. All set pieces are interchangeable which makes the possibilities unlimited. The building pieces include core cubes, different size blocks and special launchers. Each set comes with a mysterious piece of UJU tech to make the ship even more powerful.

The building blocks are high quality and fit together snuggly making it strong and durable during creative play. The core blocks offer a stable base for the builds and the other pieces add the movement.

Lance Scout, Locus Interceptor, Sawfly Minelayer, Scythe Tank, Sabre Interceptor, Scarab Interceptor, Scorpion Troop Dropper, Battle Set, Gladius Dropship and Trident Gunship are currently available at the following retailers:, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, C.N.A., Everyshop and

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These would make such amazing Christmas gifts.

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  1. Hi there,
    Rhey are so cool! With 3 God sons and 3 nephews this would come in quite handy as a gift to one of them 😅

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