When to transition to a Sippy cup + New Tommee Tippee Products

When to transition to a Sippy cup + New Tommee Tippee Products

There is no clear answer, I have read high and low all over the internet, asked other moms for opinions and it seems we are divided on this one.

Many articles have mentioned that a sippy cup can be introduced from as early as 6 months when your baby starts solids. Personally I’ve found this becomes more of a toy to throw around than a cup but eventually they will be exposed to it enough to want to try and get the water out of it. It is important for them to learn that liquids can come out of something other than a nipple or bottle teat. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that bottles should be phased out between 12 and 24 months.

My first born, Jayme, took much longer to get off the bottle and get used to a sippy cup. I think I introduced it a little too late. With our second,Alex, she wanted to do whatever her brother was doing, so took to the sippy cup a lot sooner. As soon as she was able to hold a sippy cup to her mouth we introduced her to the Tommee Tippee 360° cup which was the rage all over. The cup itself was spill proof, looks like a normal ‘big person’ cup and has a top which prevents too much liquid being released at once.

One of the new introductions to the range is the Easiflow 360° Insulated Cup. I love that this cup is now able to keep drinks cooler for up to 8 hours for little ones to keep with them as they play. The cup allows for easy drinking, less spills and very importantly easy cleaning. The lip activated valve encourages toddlers to learn to sip from an open cup without making a mess. It is recommended by dentists to support oral development. The Easiflow 360° Insulated Cup is available in blue and green and retails for R169. This cup is recommended for toddlers from 12months.

For smaller babies, from as young as 6 months, Tommee Tippee has the perfect starter to start the transition away from the bottle. The Soft Sippee, it has a super soft spout which is easy on gums and not too different from the feel of the bottle they might already be used to. The 230ml bottle comes with easy-grip handle which encourages your little one to hold and tilt the bottle to practice their developing drinking skills. This Soft Sippee comes in pink and blue with cute character leak proof caps. The handle is removable and it is steriliser, dishwasher and microwave safe. It is free from BPA & BPS making it safe for baby. The Soft Sippee retails for R169 for the 230ml and R189 for the 300ml.

Alex is just about ready to move to a big girl cup and with that comes with lots of knocking cups off the table. We are trying the perfect cup to counter act this accidental spills. The Tommee Tippee Super Cup is the open-top cup that won’t tip over. Specially designed to combat the reality that kids will be kids and they will bash and bump their cups, accidentally or on purpose, this tough little cup stands firm on hard surfaces, saving tables, floors, and more from toddler spills. The special base powered by CleverGrip™ technology grips to any smooth surface but lifts easily like magic.

The Super cup now also comes with a Fun Removable lid – choose from Gecko or Turtle designs, these cups now include a fun silicone removable lid for kids who want to drink off the table, keeping those spills to a minimum when they’re on the move. The new Super Cup with lid is available in blue or purple and retails for R199. They are recommended for kids from 18 months.

Looking at the options available we could introduce the concept of a cup as early as 6 months and as your childs confidence, hand co-ordination and skills grow you can allow them to try more types of sippy cups. I love that we have options.

8 thoughts on “When to transition to a Sippy cup + New Tommee Tippee Products

  1. What a interesting read,Will definitely keep this in mind with Sophia,Thanks for the tips 🌸

  2. My little angel is 6 months and already want to drink out of a glass. Girls are so independent.. I think the Soft tippee will be perfect for a start . But the rest of the range looks wonderful . Will definitely be trying them all out .

  3. Thank You for the great info. I have a 7 month old who grabs my glass when I’m drinking. Little to No Spillage is a great thing when it comes to these cups.

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