Our Family

Our Family

Hey, I’m Nadine.

I’m a full time high school teacher, teaching Information Technology. I love telling people what i teach because their reactions are always interesting, it ranges from are you nuts to buckets of sympathy. Rightfully so, being a teacher in the academic climate of South Africa is no joke, but I’ve learnt that every profession comes with its own set of challenges and I would choose my crazy kids everytime. I’m also a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I enjoy documenting special moments for other people, it honestly brings me so much joy that people can see themselves through my perspective in my photographs. I’m a big time foodie as well, I’m gonna have to work on this tho, this see-food diet might be the death of me. I love board games, dogs, coffee and Harry Potter.  

My husband, Sherwyn, is an interesting soul. Completely unique, nothing at all like me and the absolute love of my life. We’ve been together since 2006 (on and off, it was a crazy ride) and in 2014 we tied the knot. I honestly think he probably needs his own blog because I’ve never met anyone that thinks the way he does. He has the most caring heart and keeps me completely grounded all the time.

Then we have Jayme. Where to begin with Jayme. He is the light of my life (I know most parents say this about their kid, but whatever) Just like his dad he is a unique soul. I’ll definitely be doing some Raw posts about my journey of raising him and the challenges I’ve come across along the way. He has zero rhythm, apparently like me ? (PS to all my friends that used to go clubbing with me, a heads up would’ve been nice) he loves to draw, and he has a talent for it and he is the most dramatic little person you will meet. He even speaks in a slight American accent to add to his dramatic flair.

After 6 years we finally added our 4th family member, a little girl. Alex or Alex Luna to keep up with the millennial mom trends. I barely know how to be a girl so i have no clue how I’m going to raise this little one but I couldn’t be more excited. So far she is such a sweetheart and almost everything about our experience with her has been 100% opposite to what we experienced with Jayme. More on that later.


I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog for years. If I scroll through my own Instagram I think of so many times that I wish I had blogged. My family is my world so I am excited that we will have this to look back on one day.

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