Change Is Good

Change Is Good

The scene from Lion King always runs through my mind when I have to go through any change in life. Rafiki says “Change is good” to which Simba replies “Ya, but it’s not easy”. It’s never easy. To move outside of your comfort zone for anything in life will never be smooth sailing. You have to get up and do the work. I’m sure I can find a bucket load of motivational quotes that would tell that same story. Changing the state of anything is a process and sometimes you won’t be ready for that process, but I believe that is the best time to make a change, before you are ready and before you have all the ducks in a row, to give yourself the grace to learn without the pressure of perfection.

That’s a mouthful.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of change. I wish I was one of those people that knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life in high school. My friends all went straight into studying something specific but I had an array of options floating through my mind. I, of course, applied for them all. Computer Science, Education, Photography, Journalism and Media studies. I started out in Computer Science doing my BSc at UWC but unfortunately, because of some family turmoil and lack of funds I needed to find another avenue and luckily that came in the form of a full merit bursary to continue my computer science through a B(Ed) degree. I had a baby, finished my degree, started a side hustle photography business to help support our family and started working as a teacher to fulfil my obligation to my degree. It wasn’t till recently that I made the decision to leave education that this obligation popped up again. I loved being a teacher, I loved the kids and I loved my subject, but when it was time for a change, I knew.

Was all of that my plan? Not at all. I thought life is a basic step-by-step process. So naïve. I was going to finish high school, get my first degree by 21, my second by 22 and by 27 I would have my doctorate and become a lecturer in Computer Science. It’s crazy to look back now and see how sheltered I was from the realities of life.

Through the years, Life has happened. I’ve had a baby way too young and had to balance working, studying and being a mom. That has taught me incredible resilience, patience and determination. I’ve started more than one business, learned how to deal with different types of people, and improved my communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills. I’ve started a blog and navigated this online arena which comes with its own host of challenges to power through. All of this has changed and shaped who I have become. It has moulded me into a strong 30-year-old that will make a change if it necessary, even if it’s scary.

At the beginning of May, I started a whole new career. It was a big change. One I needed to plan for but it is amazing how the Lord works in your life. Everything I needed in order to make this change was placed on my path in the last 10 years. I have met the right people, gathered the right skills and made the right professional moves. Each independently from one another but I can see now how they have all come together for this new chapter.

I am now working as an account executive at an incredible all-female PR agency. I am excited about work every day. It is fast-paced and I am learning so so much. I am challenged and I am at peace with these next steps. I know this is not the end of this road, there is a lot I want to learn and grow into but for now, this is the change I needed. It wasn’t easy, but 2 months in, it is completely worth it.

4 thoughts on “Change Is Good

  1. Absolutely amazing Nadine. So incredibly happy for you and so excited too, especially since you’ve been there for me hyping me up whenever you had the opportunity… I’m forever thankful. Can’t wait to see all you get up to on this new journey, I’ll be here rooting for you all the way. Wishing you the very best my friend. Go get em, cheers to you 🍾🥂

  2. That is incredible my friend! It’s amazing how things fall into place that we never even thought about. I have also made a massive “career” change. I left my secure, well paying job of 12 years due to toxicity to become a SAHM. Change is scary as hell and I am so proud of you. Onward and upward. All the best for the journey, I am so rooting for you!

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