Jayme & Alex Shared Bedroom Makeover

Jayme & Alex Shared Bedroom Makeover

Jayme asked for a bunk bed and I knew this would be the only opportunity I would get to move them into one room together and to stop co-sleeping at the same time. Soon Jayme will be too old to want to share a room with his little sister, so it was now or never.

My idea for the space was to make it calm, functional for a little boy and girl and something they would both enjoy. I wanted no toys, only books so that they will associate their bedroom with sleep or nap time primarily.

What about all the toys?

Luckily for us, we do have another bedroom that would have become Alex’s bedroom once she moved out of our bedroom. This shared bedroom is working so much better. She has gone from co-sleeping with us, to her own bed but not completely alone.


The bed we used is from the BEST kids furniture company in the business. Declan and Leah. I can say this confidently because the craftmanship and quality compared to what we had before from another top tier brand just doesn’t compare. Declan and Leah is lightyears better. They provided us with a simple, sleek and functional double bunk bed. The top and bottom both fit 3/4 mattresses giving the kids over enough space. The bottom mattress is flat on the floor giving me piece of mind that should Alex decide to roll or move in the evening we won’t have any hard falls. She easily climbs up and down the mattress which is perfect for her height.

In a small apartment bedroom the cupboard space is limited, we added Alex’s compactum for her fold away clothing, a chest of drawers for the socks, undies and loose items like swimwear and accessories. We still use our trusty Tommee Tippee TwistnClick nappy bin.

My favorite area of the room is the little bookshelf and hanging space we created between the bed and the cupboard. My husband built a shelf using planks we bought at Builders warehouse for my bathroom a few years ago but now it has been revamped into the perfect bookshelf for the kids. I used my mini backdrop stand bought from The back drop shop to create hanging space for Alex’s dresses. We added a basket from Basketly underneath the hanging space to use as a laundry basket.


We want the items added to the room to add to the feel of it being calm and beautiful but still exciting for the kids. We added the following elements which added to the aesthetic perfectly.

Mats – @Knotty_sa

This gorgeous hand made carpet was handmade for the kids. The green is stunning.

Pillows & Shelves from @ma.petite.sa

We used the shelving on each side of the room, one to hold Alex’s keepsakes and the other close to Jayme’s top bunk to keep reading books and his custom made night light. The mint green pillows used on Alex’s bottom bunk are the perfect addition to bring a little night time imagination and to bring together the colours of the room.

On top of the compactum we have the giant teddies the kids received for their birthdays. Jayme has had his for more than 7 years now. Alex’s Chicco first dream bear is stored with the other teddies too until she uses it in the evening to sleep. We used the first dream bear as a “welcome to your big girl room” gift.

Next to the bears is another shelf for Alex’s sun hat and to hang various items. The main element which stands on top of the shelf is the stunning Honey bug print shop dinosaur illustration. The kids are obsessed with Dino everything right now and this brought something they both love to the space. The animals below the print are from @liv_bespoke.kids.

Last, but definitely not least, the element I invisioned first is the gorgeous @kikkiandfranki everygreen leaves wall mural above the bed. They bring so much freshness and beauty to the space and ultimately tie it all together.

On either side of the wall you find the kids names, it makes them feel that even tho they are sharing the space they still have a little piece that is specially for them. Jayme’s name and the sleepy eyes are both wooden laser cut from Kikki and Franki. We added some fresh blooms to the space too, the kids love it.

The kids love their new room, it has become the perfect area for them to unwind.


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