Joh Breastfeeding Shawl

Joh Breastfeeding Shawl

Shortly after Baby Alex was born I found myself avoiding leaving the house because I feared how some people still find breastfeeding in public unacceptable. Can you believe that? In 2018? It’s crazy to think that we still live in a world where people are uncomfortable with the one thing that most boobies are designed to do.

As fate would have it, I was contacted by the amazing Boss Mom behind Joh just as fear kicked in yet again and I decided to stay home. She is an advocate for baby wearing and breastfeeding shawls. Her first message to me explained how a breastfeeding shawl can “allow you to feel comfortable without worrying about peoples opinions or have your whole nipple showing”. This statement alone hooked me. I had never heard of a breastfeeding shawl before her message. I only knew that you could throw a blankey or whatever you have on hand over you while you feed baby. This never worked for me, it would always fall off. So this humble little cover could basically change the game for me.

Joh’s core belief is to encourage mom’s to breastfeed for longer and to go out more with their babies without the fear of judgement or prying eyes.

The Joh Shawl is made to stay away from your chest, allowing baby to see you, keeping them happy. It creates a familiar space, free from distraction, for baby to focus on having a full feed. The shawl is so easy to use on the go. You can literally feed anywhere, eg. Walking in the shop or talking to people in a restaurant at a table. No one will notice and most importantly baby will be happy. It sports an adjustable neck strap for you to set to your preference and enough length to cover baby comfortably.

Joh has a stunning collection of 100% shwe-shwe cotton, made and printed in their hometown, East London. This beautiful material is thick and durable making it perfect to use over babies car seat or pram for shade in addition to breastfeeding.

Her shawls are currently going for R270 which is such a bargain. She also makes stretchy wraps for R400 and woven wraps for R300. You can get in touch with her via Instagram here or Facebook here.

I have enjoyed using her shawls when I am out in public. I want to kick myself if I forget it at home. The best part is that they are made to stay away from your chest, this allows Alex to see me but also to allows enough fresh air in so that she doesn’t get hot under the cover.

Thank you Joh for making such a lovely 100% proudly South African product.

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