Launching a blog

Launching a blog

This is it, I’m taking the leap of faith after years of doubting and just doing it. This year I have heard so many encouraging words regarding letting go of what is keeping you back and I knew that it is finally the right time. Well is there ever really a ‘right’ time. So here we are, starting a blog baby, starting a blog.

Today has been a tough day fighting my own demons and almost changing my mind yet again. After speaking to a friend I realised that sharing the things that are making me doubtful might help me get over them all together.

I know where this self-doubt stems from. When I started my photography business a few years ago I saw how people I thought supported me would only support me if there was something in it for them. I would post a picture of myself and I would get many many likes, then I would post about my business and ask people to share or like and a handful would do this. I posted a competition from my photography page and those same people who wouldn’t like or share would enter the competition. To see it happen to not only me but many other start-up businesses was not what I expected and it was a hard lesson for me to learn.

The biggest thing keeping me back has been what others will say or perceive. In my head I know this is rubbish because those that matter will support me and those that don’t shouldn’t matter and regardless of all of this I have managed to make a success out of my photography business.

Today is the start of an exciting new journey for me and my family. How can you support us and other bloggers or small business? Here’s a few easy tips:

  • React to their content (not only likes, use the love or wow on facebook)
  • Comment on posts
  • Share posts with your friends
  • Subscribe to their content

We are calling our little space on the internet “Smallberg Party of Four’. There’s four of us and it feels as if we have just made a reservation at a swanky restaurant whenever I say it out loud. I will share mine and Sherwyn’s experience through parenthood and the struggles we find ourselves in from time to time. I hope you will stick around for all the fun that is about to come. I promise to keep it real, be truthful about whatever I write and share our authentic experiences.

To celebrate this very special occasion I am doing a giveaway in collaboration with Tonian Closet on Instagram and facebook. Click on here to enter for facebook or here for Instagram.

Goodluck Momma’s



5 thoughts on “Launching a blog

  1. Well done Cuz! I’ll be here to support you 100% and excited to be able to witness you prospering each n every day. So amped to see the blogs. All the best ♥

  2. It is inspirational to witness someone embark on the journey of blogging. Ignoring the judgements and expectations of others and being true to yourself. You help me recognise the doubts I have about my own ability and finally take that first step!

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