LeBonheur Crocodile Adventure Farm

LeBonheur Crocodile Adventure Farm

The perfect educational adventure farm to spend the day with the kids. They have everything from guided tours to kids play facilities to child friendly accommodation for a little breakaway. All this right outside of Cape Town in the beautiful Simondium.

We accompanied Nicky from Absolute Leather as she took kids from her community for a day of fun. Her company has identified a need in the community and have been moved to give back by arranging a dance coach from Original B-Boy Foundation to give lessons once a week for a minimum fee. The kids have been enthusiastic and positive about joining the dance crew which keeps them away from local gangs.

LeBonheur Reptiles & Adventures have partnered with Absolute Leather and together showed the kids an amazing time.

We started off the day with a guided crocodile pound tour. The guide was brilliant, we learnt many facts about crocodiles, their life cycles, the difference between a croc and an alligator and even got to have a seat on the friendly crocodile on site. The kids loved the humor while learning so much about this beautiful creature.

Next we were lead to the snake exhibit and learnt about the indigenous and exotic snakes and even managed to touch a dragon and one of the snakes. It was riveting.

Then it was time for lunch and their on-site restaurant, which had a full menu to choose from, made the most delectable pizzas for us to enjoy with slush puppies for the kids. You can imagine they were in heaven. After lunch we got to check out some of the facilities such as the kids play area which includes a sandpit, climbing gym and spacious lawn before doing some catch and release line fishing. This was such an amazing skill to learn with some of the kids making their first catch. The excitement was real.

The lawn area was the perfect place for us to relax and enjoy some games for the rest of the afternoon.

LeBonheur also offers crocodile cage diving, rowing, cycling, stand up paddling and kids parties. We will definitely be visiting again. You can visit their website here to get the costs of their various activities.

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