LolliPutti Launch Event

LolliPutti Launch Event

Jayme couldn’t contain his excitement for his event. I was smart about it and used it as a reward for extra hard work at school the week leading up to the event, it worked like a charm. Bonus is that it was assessment week so it was the perfect incentive to get him to put in some extra hours.

The launch was held at Toys R Us in Canal walk and as I walked towards the store I saw two ladies coming from the donut shop next door. That could only mean one thing, fresh donuts. Boy did they deliver on the hot fresh cinnamon donuts, coffee and gorgeous cupcakes that greeted us in the store. Now that is a good start to an early morning event. Jayme was immediately pulled by his favourite treat in the world, the slush puppy machine. Whats a slush puppy or two for breakfast right?

Once Jayme and I both had our drinks we headed for the Lolliputti table. They had a there range of Lolliputti toys for us to try as well as pre-made ones so we could see the many many options available for us to build. Jayme got involved immediately and started building his monster. Some of the other moms and kids enjoyed building the Putti figures as well. Some moms more than the kids. At one point Alex and I also got involved, well, I made it, Alex tried to eat it.

When all the guests had arrived we got the opportunity to learn more about the brand, what the intention is with this creative mystery collectible toy and how well it has done so far.

Lolliputti is available in three on-trend themes – Lolliputti Monster Makers; Lolliputti Unicorn Lab and Lolliputti Ice Cream Factory. The Monster Makers and Unicorn lab allows kids to explore their creativity by creating unique and vibrant characters, With 16 different options for the monster and unicorn Lolli’s. which includes different oddball monster or cute unicorn parts, the possibilities are endless. The Ice cream factory offers 12 different scented putties to collect. Each mystery Lolli contains a different coloured scented Putti as well as glitter, sequins or bright beads.

Already top sellers in the UK market, these highly collectible, ideal pocket money toys are manufactured by Keycraft Global and introduced to South Africa by local distributor, Pollywiggles. Lolliputti putty pops retail for R89.90 and are available at Toys R Us stores nationwide.

They have created the perfect combination between the compound craze (slime/putty/sand) and the collectibles crazy, both which children adore. I love that this Lolliputti has a surprise element and incorporates fine motor skill play. Jayme proudly displayed his monster on a very clever display cup stand which the Lolliputti holder turns into.

We really enjoyed spending time with some of our friends while learning and playing with this exciting new toy. Have you tried the LolliPutti Range? I would love to know what you think, let me know in the comments.

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