Products making the weaning process easier & Nuby Review

Products making the weaning process easier & Nuby Review

Alex is now 7 months old and about a month into baby lead weaning and eating all kinds of solid foods. It makes a huge mess, I had to mentally prep for this stage. Luckily I’ve been through it once so I sort of knew what to expect but for new moms, be ready for ALOT of mess. On the floor, the chair, clothing – yours and baby’s basically any surface is fair game.

The first item that is making it easier for me this time around is Alex’s high chair. We bought one from IKEA at makro which is all plastic so it’s easy to wipe down. You can buy a padded insert for it but that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

Alex will midway through eating start biting anything close to her, so if it’s the material of the chair it gets dirty very quickly and that means extra washing. No thank you! After Alex is done making her mess I can take a wet wipes and give the chair a quick wipe down and we are good to go.

I’ve seen a similar chair at checkers hyper as well for a similar price. I don’t leave Alex in their for very long periods so the hard chair doesn’t bother either of us.

The second item is her Nuby 3D silicone bib. This is another easy clean item. I’m all about ease! The bib is made from soft silicone and she enjoys chewing on it inbetween eating, it seems to be great for her itching gums. Because it’s made of silicone instead of material it keeps her clothing clean and dry.

It rolls up compactly to fit in her nappy bag for when we are out and about and it’s a simple wipe and it’s clean. The bib closes with buttons on the side to keep it from being pulled off and my favourite feature is the scoop at the bottom that catches pieces of food Alex decides she is over chewing. This bib doesn’t guarantee to help you avoid all eating messes but it atleast keeps babies clothes and especially chest dry.

What must have items would you recommend for the weaning process?

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