5 Reasons to declutter your home

5 Reasons to declutter your home

I don’t know about you but the minute my table top in my kitchen is neat and sorted I feel much calmer. When we get home everything gets plopped on the table top in the kitchen, its the center of the house, its convenient and it gives me a sense of ‘I’m home, lets relax’. Except that after a few minutes, the busyness of that table starts to stress me out, it makes the space feel busy and full and just too much. Over time I have realized that to simply clear that space gives me way more peace than I ever perceived.

Here are 5 reasons to declutter.

1. Your home is not a storage unit.

I remember reading a quote from Francine Jay as part of a declutter challenge I’m doing. It said “Your home is living space, not storage space”. Man, oh man, has this stuck with me. I’m now looking at everything I’ve been putting away for brighter days like its the enemy. Its filling my space and its not necessary. It’s time to be honest with myself and keep the things that make my daily life livable.

2. Saves time.

I’m the mom, which also makes me the dedicated finder of lost things. If you have less stuff to look through it will save you time and might even make it easier for the rest of the household to find their own things or remember where they put it. Having less items in my cupboard saves me time when I need to find something to wear to work. All I need to search through is the things I know I definitely would wear. Which leads me to my next point,

3. Promotes less stress

Clutter, as I’ve mentioned above on my kitchen table, causes stress. It makes your space seem full and chaotic. Balancedthroughsimplicity.com did research on the negative effects of clutter and the impact of clutter and found that if you want to cut down your stress levels you need to get rid of the clutter, you can read the article here. To use my cupboard again I no longer stress about “having nothing to wear” but seeing a cupboard full of clothing. I now will wear everything in front of me.

4. Could help someone else or make you money

I’ve managed to sell loads of good condition clothing and I have also donated to various organisations since starting a declutter challenge. Both make me feel really good. I know I am helping someone else that might not be able to have some of the things that are just lying around my house, unused and unappreciated. Its a win for both of us.

5. Gives you more space

It seems like such an obvious thing but the less you have the more space you for the things you actually like and will use instead of endless things for later. You have less stuff to clean and you have more physical space to have dance parties with you kids. Once upon a time we got rid of our dining room table, it served no purpose, we had one because that’s what you do when you are an adult right? I was so wrong and now that it’s gone we have all the space to twirl and dance and have a good time.

I used to be someone that holds onto everything. ‘Once day i’ll fit into this dress or I’m sure this ribbon will come in handy one day for a gift’ was a monologue that played through my head so often. I have since learnt that buying a new jeans, in a size that actually fits, makes me much more satisfied. Seeing that jeans that fits instead of 10 pairs that don’t saves me time, makes me less stressed and overall I am a much happier and productive person.

I recommend you look at what you can declutter around you to make your life a little easier and let me know in the comments if its helped you too.

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  1. I e been sorting through our home over the last few weeks and found it so therapeutic to get rid of anything we have not used recently. It’s been great! I enjoyed reading this!

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