A must have for every home: Braun No touch + touch forehead thermometer with Age Precision.

A must have for every home: Braun No touch + touch forehead thermometer with Age Precision.

I don’t know about you but a child with a fever worries me every time. The worst being while my kids are sleeping. I’ve been introduced this amazing device from Braun and it has helped put my mind at ease when the kids are sick. I am so impressed by this device that I can safely say it is definitely a must have product in every home.

My absolute favourite feature of this device is that it is non-invasive. I can check the kids’ temperatures while they are sleeping. It also has a silent mode. The last thing you want to do it wake your child in the middle of the night unless you have to. I love that it has a backlit display as well, no need to switch the lights on while baby is sleeping.

This nifty device has other features that make it stand out from your average thermometer. The most interesting is the Food & Liquid mode. You can check the temperature of your baby’s food, milk or bath water in a few seconds. What a luxury!

The thermometer has a touch mode as well, it can conveniently be used for the whole family and is self-measurement is easy. The Age Precision technology allows you to choose the age of your child or yourself and will interpret the temperature for you. The results are colour coded on the display so no need to guess or google whether the temperature is dangerous. I love that it takes on 2-second to measure your temperature on your forehead and display the results.

The device uses 2 AAA batteries which are provided in the box, it gives you at least 500 measurements. You also get a protective scanner cap in the box to keep your scanner clean and protected.

To use the thermometer, you simply switch on, select either person or the water droplet. Then choose the age of the person you want to measure and press the thermometer to measure the temperature. You will see a yellow light come from the back of the device to help you get to the perfect position to take the temperature. Once you point the device between the eyebrows it scans for 2 seconds will give you result in either green, orange or red.

I would recommend this as a must have item or a perfect gift for a baby shower.

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