Annies Baking Club

Annies Baking Club

This little box was the cause of so much excitement in our home. From the minute I got the message from Annies Baking club I could imagine the excitement on Jayme’s face when he heard we would be making monster cupcakes. He has been asking for a while for us to bake something.

What’s in the box?

The beautifully themed and sturdy box, complete with logo for what you are about to create, comes packed full with all the dry ingredients you need to make your masterpiece.

The kit contains: Instructions booklet, Cupcake mix, Buttercream icing mix, cupcake cases and wrappers, sugar paste, gel colours, piping bags & a grass piping nozzle.

The instruction booklet mentions that you will need to add eggs, oil milk and butter.

We found we needed to have a few more things on hand: A bowl, paintbrush and small circle cutter (we used the lid of our vanilla essence), scale, measuring cups.

Lets get baking!

A great tip we received was to make the sugar paste eyes for our monsters ahead of time to allow them to set. We decided to make the eyes as our first day experiment and the cupcakes on day 2.

The sugar paste was great to work with. We practiced our fine motor and mathematical skills with the cutting and counting going on. The booklet provided was such a great help, easy to follow and we love that it has full colour example pictures of each step.

We cut our eye ball pieces, rolled them into balls and added our blue and black pieces to finish them off. In order to get everything sticking together we used water and a paintbrush. Simple and lots of fun. The last step was to add in the tooth picks and wait for them to harden.

The next day Jayme woke up early so we could get going on his cupcakes. Again his mathematics skills was used to measure out ingredients. He loved mixing everything together and adding the colour to see how his monsters were slowly coming to life. We found that we needed to add more drops of the food colouring to make the colour we wanted but this isn’t a necessity.

We added the green and purple mix to our cupcake holders in our muffin pan and even mixed some of them to make an exciting whirl of colours. I pre-heat the oven and popped them in.

While the cupcakes were baking we created the buttercream icing, Jayme obviously had to lick the mixer. Its tradition after all.

The cupcakes came out perfect, the smell in our house was divine and we couldn’t wait for them to cool down so we could create our monsters.

Jayme created some and I created some, we had so much fun making spaghetti hair. Some had long strands, others shorter, one even had a comb over.

Final thoughts?

This a great activity, affordable and can make a fabulous gift. I hope my friends are ready for their kids do get these kits. For more info, you can head over to Annies Baking club here.

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