Body Mapping Workshop

Body Mapping Workshop

“A person’s body map is their perception, understanding and experience of their own body-shape and size, plus how and where their own joints move and how their body functions. “

Recently I decided that in order for me to grow as an individual, mom and women I need to invest in myself. I have been doing this by surrounding myself with people that speak life, reading encouraging articles and stories and only saying yes to the things that truly make me happy. One of the best ways I could invest in myself was booking to attend a workshop with Spellbound. They offer workshops that encourage personal growth and women empowerment.

The workshop was held at a stunning coffee shop, Knox, in DeTijger. Knox is visually stunning and offered the perfect setting for the workshop. When I arrived the delicious smell of the fresh coffee lured me straight to the owners behind the counter to order my cappuccino. It tasted just as good as it looked. I knew we were off to a good start.

The workshop was facilitated by Christina Nomdo (Tina). She was brilliant. She started with an ice breaker which had each person tell the group who they are and one thing about their day that makes them happy. Naturally my thing was my morning coffee.

The next activity had us all shuffling around the room. It reminded me a lot of a mix between musical chairs and Simon says. When Tina said touch shoulders we all had to find the closest person to us and follow the command. She did this to get us comfortable with each other and with our bodies in the space.

After briefly getting to know one another we were instructed to find a partner, someone we are comfortable with and start putting together big pieces of paper. We took turns lying down on the paper and our partner needed to trace our bodies. We wrote our names on our outlined bodies. The next step was to add basic features, a face, hands,etc. Tina then instructed us to highlight the parts of our body we are most proud of and draw a star to show it. I struggled with this but eventually chose my hair and my womb. We could draw patterns or make the parts colourful to highlight those areas. She gave us a 10 minute break to sit outside and think about why we chose those parts, what the story is that makes it so significant.

After our break we all came back and shared our stories. We started with the youngest member of the group and worked our way up. This was one aspect I adored about this workshop, there was little girls that are Jaymes age, we all shared. The little ones shared beautiful stories of their body parts like their hands able to help others or their spines which make them flexible. The conversation took a wonderful turn once the older ladies started sharing. I soon realized that our stories had much more lessons in twined than what meets the eye. Tina was brilliant at highlighting the lessons in each story and even better putting it in a way that the kids in the room understood everything that was discussed. From HIV, bullying and stigma to sexuality, calling our privates by the biological name and being comfortable with who we are.

I have grown as a mother from this workshop. Especially a mom to a girl that needs to know how to encourage open and honest conversation.

“We need to listen to our no voice “ – Christina Nomdo

Towards the end of the session Tina encouraged the teenage girls in the group. She said they need to know that the boys are coming, they are interested and it’s up to them to lay down the law and demand respect. They deserve it, we deserve it and it’s up to us to ensure we speak!

I’m so grateful to Ané for inviting me and encouraging me to attend this workshop she put together with her partner Chelsea. I am already looking forward to the next one.

You can find Spellbound workshops on instagram @spellbound_workshops

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