Brushing babies gums

Brushing babies gums

In collaboration with Nuby

When should I start wiping or brush my babies gums? One of the hundreds of questions that go through moms minds. My mom and aunties believe one should start soon after they are born to care for their oral health while many breastfeeding blogs I’ve read say that it isn’t necessary while you are breastfeeding your baby exclusively. I believe that we Moms should be able to make our own decision drawing from where ever we get our research.

With Jayme we wiped his tongue and gums with a clean cloth when we bathed him each day. With Alex we didn’t start doing it because we didn’t see any build up in her mouth or any thrush like signs.

When she turned 4 months and the teething signs became visible I started looking into what we need to do to care for her teeth when they come. A few articles mentioned that we should start oral care before the teeth come out because you might not know or see when they start to erupt and prevention is better than cure.

Nuby sent us their 4 stage oral care system at the perfect time. It can be used from 0 months to 6 years. It comes with 1 Massager & 3 Brushes designed for the various stages of oral development and it comes in a convenient holder that keeps the brushes in place. A perfect toothbrush stand for your bathroom.

We have started using the massager on Alex and she adores it. It gives her some relief from her gums that are itching and bothering her. She is also getting used to us needing to clean her gums, this is very important to me. I want her to get used to her teeth needing to be brushed daily so that when we transition to using a proper toothbrush and toothpaste it will already be a norm.

Let me know your experience with starting your kids oral journey.

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