Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

We having officially hit the dreaded teething phase with Alex. No signs of any teeth yet but all the other signs are there. Excessive drooling, constantly biting on hands and random chewing. The chewing is new to me, Jayme never did this. Some articles online mention that chewing is a sign that a tooth is close by, most say that within a week or two you will see a tooth but its been atleast three weeks now of her doing this and no tooth yet. Still a rather interesting development.

Cue the need for a teether. Nuby sent Alex their exciting Wacky Teething Ring.It features bright colours, offset surfaces that gently massage your babies gums, engaging crinkle fabric and the perfect size and shape your little hands to hold onto.

The wacking teething ring has multiple surfaces which cater for various stages of the teething process.

Stage 1 – Front teeth: Skin soft silicone uniquely developed by Nuby for beginner teethers. The silicone brisles gently massage tender gums and aid in the break through of first teeth.

Stage 2 – Middle teeth: Soft & Firm surfaces introduce baby to greater pressure with small raised Nub-eez that aid in the eruption of new teeth.

Stage 3 – Back teeth: Hard Plastic Ring targets hard to reach molars. Large offset surfaces offer greatest assistance in this stage of teething.

Alex has been enjoying the suprise sound of the crinkle fabric each time she brings the teether close to her face. The soft silicone is very similar to the feel of her Nuby Massager. We have tried putting the Wacky teether in the fridge to make it a little cooler for some added relief. Alex enjoy the cool feeling against her gums. She is still getting used to holding things in her hands and moving it to her mouth, every day she used the teether her hand eye co-ordination seems to get a little better.

I would love to know if you used a teether for your little one and how they experienced it, or maybe you have some other tips that can help with the teething, please share them in the comments.

Have a lovely week

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