Fair Cape Cares Foundation

Fair Cape Cares Foundation

Did you know you can make someone’s world a better place by doing something as simple as buying a yogurt? I do this already, on a weekly basis for my family so this was a very intriguing fact for me to learn.

Fair Capes motto ‘do the right thing’ drives every part of their companies decision. Their environmental, social and animal welfare is testimony to this motto and shows why they are setting the benchmark for excellence in the SA dairy industry. Fair cape dairies is the only single origin dairy brand in South Africa and the cows get excellent care, read more about this here.

I am no stranger to Fair Capes range of yogurts and the visit to their factory gave me more and more reasons why I will continue to support this brand. The factory tour started with everyone needed to gear up in protective boots/shoe covers, head covers and lab coats. Their hygiene policies for entering the factory is world class. You can imagine how this put my mind at ease knowing I buy from them. We needed to wash and sterilize our hands before entering the factory and they have advanced bio-metric security which only authorized individuals can access.

We toured through the factory with product manager, Phillip Marais. He took us through each stage of production, let us experience the process from the milk coming in to the final phase of the fruit being added to the yogurt. I loved learning about each stage and finally seeing how the packaging comes together.

Fair Cape yogurts have gained various awards and the product range is extensive. They never compromise on the excellence of their product quality. Seeing this first hand was a wonderful experience.

The product I want to highlight is the popular six pack charity yogurt. This six pack is what will help us give back. With each charity pack sold, fifty cents goes towards the Fair Cape Foundation. 5 September is international Charity day and I cannot think of an easier way for us to do our part and enjoy the yummy yogurts. One of the projects which has benefited is The Kinderhuis which is home to 144 children between 2 and 18 years old. The Fair Cape Foundation gave the home a much need R120 000 boost. This is only one of their many projects that the staff actively is involved in.

I would love to know if you already buy their products? let me know in the comments.

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