Bosch cooking experience

Bosch cooking experience

If there is one thing you need to know about me it’s that the way to my heart is through my stomach. I love good food. I love how it is not only delicious and enjoyable but I love how it brings people together, sparks joy and laughter and how food literally has the ability to switch me from an angered ogre to a pouncing princess in 2 seconds flat. Hangry is a thing people.

Naturally the invitation to attend a cooking experience at BSH home appliances showroom had me beaming. The showroom is located in the hub of activity in the Cape Town CBD has the most breathtaking view of table mountain for us to enjoy throughout our experience. I was pleased to learn that they offer these experiences to various themes such as a Mexican or Italian night. You can find more info on that here.

When I first arrived and walked up the opulent stairs into their gorgeous showroom I was greeted by some of my favourite faces and a very interestingly set up gin bar calling my name. VerGin, a local non-alcoholic Gin, was served with all the lavish toppings you would expect from a G&T. I’m very impressed by this gin by the way, you would never say it was non-alcoholic.

Lauren Jappie, our host, gave us some information about the showroom and we took a tour around before we headed upstairs to the cooking area. The showroom was spectacular. Everything I would ever want in my kitchen one day was in that room and it was glorious.

The upstairs area opened up to a stunning cheese and wine spread with that gorgeous view of table mountain I mentioned early. I can’t think of a better place to sit and enjoy good company and amazing food. We were introduced to some of Bosch’s leading appliance range and then got together in pairs to start cooking.

The menu consisted of salmon papillons in a butter, lemon & honey sauce on a bed of veg with rosemary & garlic butter baby potatoes. My partner was Shanté Hutton from Rose and Thorns as well as her baby Cece. We made a mean team, she was the best cheerleader even tho we were convinced we messed up the recipe more than once. We are both super competitive which made for loss of laughs. The chef demonstrated and went through the recipe in the front of the cooking class and some amazing assistants walked around to help us with this super awesome high tech Bosch induction hob. I seriously need one in my life. This stove top and oven is next level. I really enjoyed cooking with it and it would probably make me a better wife if I owned one. *Hint to my husband.

Once we were done cooking we sat down to enjoy our meals and we were blown away by how amazing it was. The Bosch induction hob cooked everything to perfection. We questioned the recipe and laughed about some of the combinations but once we were eating it all made sense. I’m not a fish lover but that was hands down the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

While we chatted and enjoyed more drinks desert was served. A decadent array of chocolate mousse, fresh fruit, Ice cream, brownie & macaroon.

I would love to go back for another experience and take my sisters or some friends along. It would make for an amazing team building experience or a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday. They have set experiences available and the space is available to hire to host your own event. Grace Stevenson has a baking experience lined up that you can find out here. I would definitely recommend checking out this stunning showroom.

Photos by Annene van Eeden & Shante Hutton

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