Feedspot Top 40 South African Kids and Parenting blogs

Feedspot Top 40 South African Kids and Parenting blogs

I can’t contain my excitement to have made this list among some of the elite Parenting Bloggers SA has to offer. These moms and dads are like superheroes to me and I’ve been following most of them for a very long time. You can view the list here.

I have made number 38 on the list after starting my blog in October 2018. 6 Months ago! What an amazing 6 months it has been. I have gotten the opportunity to work with fantastic brands that I believe whole heatedly in and have met some incredible people that share the same vision as I do.

Feedspot is an online content reader for all your favorite websites in one place. They have various lists of Top websites, blogs and social media sites for different niches across the board. In order for them to consider you, you need to submit your site for evaluation where a team of experts will check out your content.

Creating content might not be for everyone but I have enjoyed doing this so much and getting some sort of recognition for it is amazing. Thank you to each and every person that reads my content, wishes me well and lifts my family up. This is not possible without all of you.

Much love x

[January 2023 Update]

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