Litchi & Titch Skincare Review

Litchi & Titch Skincare Review

Litchi & Titch is a proudly South African brand using all natural oils and plant essences to create a range of body and skin care products. They use no toxic or unnecessary ingredients.  No fillers, fragrances or chemical preservatives, cruelty free, locally sourced ingredients and also locally manufactured in Cape Town.

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They have been developed a skincare line to focus on two of largest skin care ‘Need’ areas.  They focus on Skin Need, rather than Skin Type. The two lines are the Hydration Plus + Anti Ageing range and the Clarifying + Calming.

Hydration Plus + Anti Ageing is for intense Anti-Ageing and deep hydration. Anyone over 30 will love this product line.

Clarifying + Calming specifically designed for soothing, calming and clarifying more sensitive or problem skins.

The wonderful thing about natural plant, seed and flower ingredients is that they are all so diverse in their benefits and contributions to the skin.  There is no need to have a large variety of specific products as the ingredients will automatically work at benefitting your skin in the way it needs it most. 

Face creams and serums are gentle enough to be eye and neck creams and serums – plant oils and essences don’t know the difference – they simply get to work assisting your skin were and how it needs it most.

Multi tasking and hard working, just like the women who use them.

Lets Talk Serums:

Dynamite comes in small packages is how they describe their serums, and they aren’t joking. This is one seriously special product.

Far from a base oil (or two) with some essential oils thrown in for fragrance.  These powerful bottles are pure plant, seed and flower goodness – each specifically chosen and blended for your skins specific need.  We focus on Skin Need, rather than Skin Type.  You could use all 4 serums at different times of the month (or day) as your skins need dictates. 

Serum No 1 is for deep hydration, fine lines, moisture, nutrition and glow – an anti-ageing wonder.

Serum No 2 is for soothing and clarifying teenage, hormonal, sensitive or more problem skins.  Calming and nourishing to bring skin back into balance.

Serum No 3 is for calming and balancing skin tone, texture and sensitivity.  Stressed skin exposed to air-conditioning and other fluctuations needs to be brought back into balance in order to thrive.

Serum No 4 is their version of a Vitamin Booster.  Most brands do a Vit C boosting serum, ours has Vit A, B, B2, C, D, E and K.  It smells stronger than the rest and is a very rich orange colour – all from the rich nutrient laden oils that comprise it.  It really does give your skin the boost it needs when you feel you need it.

For the past few week I have used the Serum No 2 and noticed visible changes in my skin. I no longer get random bursts of inflammation and red spots, my texture is a lot more smooth and soft to the touch. I think in a few more weeks it will improve even more and I am really looking forward to it. This little bottle has lasted a long time.

The entire range of products by litchi & titch are incredible but I particularly enjoyed the serum and highly recommend you give it a try.

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