South African Peppermint Tart Recipe

South African Peppermint Tart Recipe

247 Cals for 100g

* 500ml cream
* 1 tin caramel treat
* 5ml peppermint essence
* 5ml vanilla essence
* 85g peppermint aero slab
* 200g Tennis biscuits

1. Beat the cream until it forms soft peaks.
2. Add the caramel and essence and continue to beat till everything is combined.
3. Stir in a 3rd of the aero. Either grate or crumble it. If you stored the aero in the fridge it’s best to grade it, I prefer to crumb it so you get chunks of the choc when eating the tart.
4. Layer the biscuits and tart mixture. You can either layer the biscuits dry or dip them in water and then layer or crumb them and create a layer. Wetting the layer allows the biscuit to form a nice crust, it depends on your preference.
5. Crumble or grate the remainder of the choc on top.
6. Refrigerate for 3 hours or preferably overnight.

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