Plugo Link by PlayShifu

Plugo Link by PlayShifu

It’s amazing to see how incredibly well our kids interact with Tech, it’s almost intuitive. This generation has a massive headstart and tech toys like the ones from PlayShifu is changing the game turning unhealthy screentime into meaningful time with their range of toys designed to provide innovative, phygital interactions that combine hands-on physical play with fun and interactive digital games.

Plugo link is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. It transforms your device into a fun-filled learning system and gives your kids the chance to solve real-world problems and develop their engineering skills. Classic building blocks meet modern digital play. Plugo Link is suitable for kids 5 to 10 years of age.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spark STEM skills – Plugo Link is designed to spur the essential elements of STEM curriculum such as creativity, critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and spatial intelligence in kids.
  • Build and balance the magnetic blocks in real world to solve exciting engineering puzzles on the screen.
  • 5 story-based games in the app
  • 250+ challenges and puzzles
  • Age-adaptive challenges, Grade R to Grade 5
  • Builds Skills such as: engineering, analytical thinking, creative design

Plugo is a STEM gaming system powered by AR. It consists of one Gamepad and four interchangeable gaming kits that work with one companion app. Plugo makes learning fun and engaging for children, whether mathematics, vocabulary, problem-solving or logical reasoning.

The Plugo universe comprises Letters (word building kit), Count (hands-on math kit), Link (building blocks kit), and Tunes (music learning kit). Each kit comes with multiple games with hundreds of levels in the app that adapt to the child’s grade.

The Plugo Link app is available for ios and android and The Plugo Link retails for R899.90 at Toys R Us and can often be found on promotion on takealot.

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