Voi, your answer to sanitizing and pampering from The Crazy Store

Voi, your answer to sanitizing and pampering from The Crazy Store

With hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps fast becoming as essential as sunscreen, The Crazy Store has extended its range of personal care, further cementing its reputation as the shopping destination that has everything you need – except the kitchen sink.

The Voi range is trusted by many and features a selection of hand wipes, hand sanitisers, earbuds, anti-bacterial products, nail polishes, nail polish removers, face wipes and even cleansers.

Voi product are created to keep you and your family safe. The range features the following benefits:

·         Voi antibacterial products destroy 99.9% of tested bacteria 

·         Facial care products are dermatologically tested

·         The range is also PH balanced 

·         Voi products are proudly paraben free

For those on the go, a selection of the Voi range is available in small sizes to conveniently keep in your handbag, car, gym bag or even in a nappy bag. The nail polishes are available in 12ml bottles which ensure they don’t take up much space in your bag and are available in latest on trend colours.

What you can find in the range available at The Crazy Store


Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap, 500ml – R49.99 (SKU 041-007003)

Voi Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap

Voi vanilla hand soap, 500ml – R29.99 (SKU 041-7002-B)

Voi Moonlight Rose hand soap, 500ml – R29.99 (SKU 041-7002-C)


Anti-bacterial hand sanitising wipes, 100-pack – R49.99 (SKU 306-001721)

Voi Hand Sanitising Wipes

Anti-bacterial hand sanitising wipes, 15-pack – R12.99 (SKU 306-001723)

Voi Hand Sanitising Wipes

Wipes, 15-pack – R9.99 each (SKU 306-001722)

Facial wipes – R19.99 each (SKU 306-001716)

Voi Facial Cleaning Wipes

Scented baby wipes, 120 per pack, 160 x 190mm – R44.99 each (SKU 034-078795)

Voi Scented Baby Wipes


Nail polish remover, strawberry, 125ml – R24.99 (SKU 041-400999)

Voi Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish, 12ml (Coral Burst and St. Tropez pictured, assorted colours available) – R22.99 each (SKU 041-400071 and SKU 041-400081)

Voi Nail Polish
Voi Nail Polish


Cotton wool pads, bag of 100 – R29.99 (SKU 306-000640)

Voi Cotton Wool Pads

Pocket tissues 3-ply, pack of 10 – R4.99 per pack (SKU 306-000600)

Voi Pocket Tissues 3 Ply

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