5 Things that should be cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of Viruses.

5 Things that should be cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of Viruses.

Due to COVID hitting us all really hard we are all in defence mode and our highest priority is to protect ourselves and our family. We have learnt over the past few months that coronavirus is spread from an infected person who coughs or sneezes producing respiratory droplets. These droplets land on surfaces and can remain there for various amounts of time. Therefore, we need to make sure the environment we are in contact with or our high-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Here are 5 things you should be cleaning regularly:

1. The items you use daily:

Wallet, cell phone, tablet, keys. These are the items that we use daily, especially our phones, which we often hold up against our face. Your kid favourite toys should also be disinfected/washed.

2. Handles and buttons:

Light switches, cupboards, doors, remote controls, game controllers, lifts, keyboards to name a few.

3. Hard surfaces:

work surfaces, handrails, and counter tops. Use a good disinfecting detergent when cleaning glass shower doors and other areas in your home.

4. Outerwear

scarves, coats, jerseys and gloves. Also, be sure to clean anything that was worn in busy places or come into contact an infected person or with communal seats.

5. Hand towels

used frequently by different hands, which can harbour harmful bacteria. Wash hand towels often and hang out to dry whenever it is used.

First clean, then disinfect surfaces

To start off your cleaning routine, you want to give your surfaces a proper clean. Ordinary household cleaners are usually adequate to remove common germs. Afterward, dilute a few drops of Domestos thick bleach (follow manufacturer’s instructions) in water to disinfect surfaces. These will help to attack any leftover germs and will reduce your risk of infection.

Pro tip: Domestos thick bleach is excellent for washing dishes, I promise your glasses have never shined so beautifully like they will after adding a few drops to your sunlight dish washing liquid.

Do you use domestos to clean your home? I would love to know

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