Tastic’s My Hertiage Event

Tastic’s My Hertiage Event

My Heritage, something I needed to think about constantly leading up to this event. How would I represent my heritage. I’m coloured which means koesisters on Sunday, tweede neuwe jaar, koons, hair that minces in the rain and a new outfit for Christmas. I’ve seen coloured people share food and protect what’s theirs with the fiercest conviction. It’s gatsby’s on bonnets and dropped suspension on cars. This might not be how you have experienced it but every single thing mentioned has warm fuzzy memories etched into who I am now. Being coloured is powerful, multidimensional and wonderful.

The former First Lady Marike de Klerk in 1983 said of coloured people: “They were the people that were left after the nation was sorted out. They are the rest.” This statement hurt many people but reading it now makes me think thy coloured people are so multitalented that they can’t be put in a box. We are the divergents. Ok, maybe I was recently watching too many movies but how cool?!

With all this in mind, I had no idea how to dress for the event. Maybe I should pull a Katy Perry and go as a gatsby? My heritage is deeply dipped in flavor combinations, but maybe not socially acceptable. Eventually I opted to showcase my plain jane style with my hair in its natural state to represent my heritage. I think it worked well for what was the most unexpectedly gorgeous event I’ve ever attended.

I arrived to an overcast Bantry Bay to a house which had one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen. I got there early and I had lots of opportunity for selfies.

Once a handful more guest arrived we were escorted from the media room upstairs to a gorgeous dinning area. The fabulous DJ Harris crump was playing my favourite house jams with a soulful saxophone accompanied. I couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere. The room opened up to a long dinning table, beautifully decked with pink flowers, napkins and gorgeous black and gold cutlery. They had black candle stick holders filled with pink flowers instead of candles, it was stunning! Beyond the table was another breathtaking view we enjoyed while sipping bubbly. Within no time canapés were served and Chef Lentswe Bhengu pulled out all the stops with his flavor rich rice balls and salmon spoons.

After spending some time socializing the DNA team welcomed everyone and the Chef took us through the Menu. It all sounded divine, his focus was showcasing the flavorful combinations that can be made with the Tastic rice we all love. I’m not going to lie he used fancy explanations, which in the moment I think I understood but my palate was not ready for how good it all was. The starter was fish served on a bed of rice with a sauce from heaven. The main was lamb breyani, literally one of my favourites, but I’ve never had it like this! The rice was so fluffy, the meat falling off the bone and everyone went in for seconds. It was so good. Desert was stunning rice balls that reminded me a lot of sago pudding with the flavor combinations. It tasted local, like my heritage. Each dish was also cleverly paired with a wine of the chefs choice. Massive compliments to the chef.

Between all the eating we were addressed by Thembi Kateboho who is the visual director of tastic as well as the guest of honour Mr David Tlale. We all know David for the style icon that he is and Tastic has partnered with him to showcase our living South Africans that are doing great things and putting us and our culture on the map.

The design of the rice packaging was beautifully done by David and his team of designers. It doesn’t only represent one culture but shows off how truly beautiful our rainbow nation of colours are. We ended off the evening dancing the night away. This truly was one of the events I’m grateful to have experience. All the organizers did a superb job and helped us celebrate #MyHeritage in the best way

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