The Body Shop – Shea Butter Range Review

The Body Shop – Shea Butter Range Review

What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. When raw it is an ivory colour but when processed it becomes more of a white shade. It is known to lock in moisture in hair and skincare products.

The Shea Butter story: Maximizing moisture since 1994

Shea butter has been used for centuries by Ghanaian women to protect their skin and hair from dry Saharan desert winds locally known as ‘harmattan’. It is common tradition for shea butter to also be used to soothe dry scalps and protect their hair from the damaging effects of intense sun exposure. 640 women from Tungteiya Women’s Association produce the rich shea butter used in The Body Shop products in a lengthy 18-stage process handed down through generations.

What do I think of the Shea butter range?

I am in love with these products, my hair honestly feels softer since using the shampoo and conditioner. I am not always keen to use a conditioner on my hair because my hair becomes oily very quickly but it has not been the case with this conditioner. My hair also doesn’t tangle as easily and that is one of my biggest concerns. I am very impressed with how amazing my hair and skin feels from using The Body shop shea butter range.

Shea Butter

The iconic Community Trade Shea Butter from Ghana has numerous skin benefits is available in its purest form from The Body Shop. It is perfect for dry skin, hair and lips. It is intensely nourishing, soften and smooths skin, hair and lips and is multi-purpose. It is used by African women for centuries. It is unsented and suitable for sensitive skin.

Shea butter richly replenishing shampoo

A replenishing, gently cleansing shampoo for dry, damage prone hair. It protects dry and brittle hair by locking in moisture into the hair shafts as well as improves hair manageability for an overall healthy appearance. It gently cleanses so your hair doesn’t feel stripped of moisture and helps maintain scalps natural oil production.

Shea butter richly replenishing conditioner

A nourishing conditioner for dry, damage prone hair, enriched with moisturizing ingredients. It replenishes hair by giving dry and damaged hair a boost of fatty acids to reduce water loss and lock in moisture. It detangles hair and allows hair to not feel weighed down. 

I will definitely be trying to create by own lip balm and shower body scrub from this amazing shea butter range.

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